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How Will More Google Reviews Boost My Business?

Getting More Google Reviews will ultimately boost your online local presence. When potential customers search for products or services offered in their local area, they are prompted with the three best-developed GMBs ( Google My Business Profiles) related to their search. Search queries related to your service and location are where you want to be listed. Google Ranks businesses based on their relation to customers’ search queries. When customers are searching for ” Pizza near me ” they are prompted with sponsored ads and Local GMB Listings first. The 3 businesses listed on the right side of your screen didn’t just get lucky. Google’s complex algorithm placed them there for a reason. Things such as distance from the search, Google Reviews, and Keywords are the most common components of the local algorithm. Distance from the search is self-explanatory. Google Reviews are ranked based on the number of reviews and their quality (1 – 5). Keywords are ranked based on their similarity to a consumer’s search. Given that “Pizza near me” has broad keywords, perhaps reviews and location will be vital. Keywords can be found in your GMB ( Google My Business ) profile settings and customers’ verbal usage in reviews. When setting up your GMB (Google My Business it is vital to hit all relevant keywords regarding your product or service. Prompting Customers to use keywords in reviews can be a huge game changer. Want to learn more? Call our GMB ( Google My Business ) experts to learn more about our solutions to growing your profile.


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